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Eco-friendly TPE Yoga mat.

Size: 61cm*183cm* 6mm


These mats are made from a synthetic rubber called TPE (Thermal Plastic Elastomer). These mats contain no latex, PVC, rubber or any other harsh chemicals or toxins. TPE is closed-cell and prevents fluid absorption, therefore making it easy to clean. These mats can be used for light yoga and pilates as they have a good cushioned support.

The closed-cell construction is designed to decompose in landfill, leaving behind only water and biodegradable components. This is ecologically helping to protect the Earth and its elements. 



6mm Eco-friendly TPE Yoga Mat

  • Yoga mats release a strong but harmless odor when first unwrapped. Please unroll and air out your mat for 2-3 days before use.

    Spot clean with our Yoga Mat Wash or damp cloth with cold water and mild detergent. Dry flat.

    The mat may fade and become brittle and unusable if exposed to the sun for extended periods of time.

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